Why does your dog need to be groomed?

  • Long hair is the favorite home of fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks love long hair. It helps hide them and protect them from the elements. As a dog, that means constantly trying to scratch to get the evil little creatures off! But don’t worry: we can trim down the excess fur so the fleas and ticks have nowhere to hide!
  • Matted hair hurts! Have you ever had to comb tangles out of your hair? Could you imagine that all over your body? When a dog has matted fur, brushing is extremely painful, and the matted hair can become home to fly larvae, ticks, and fleas. The lack of air circulation on their skin can cause their skin to become irritated and even lead to sores. Nobody wants that!
  • Foxtails and other plant matter can embed itself in your dog’s paws. Dogs love to run around, and this running around often times means your dog will find foxtails and other nasty things. If the fur around their paws isn’t kept trimmed, these nasty things can burrow their way into the area between their toes and around the pads, causing irritation and, sometimes, a nasty vet bill.
  • Maintenance can help keep your dog out of the Vet’s office. We care about your dog. Just like a person, dogs don’t particularly enjoy doctor’s visits. We do our best to ensure your dog stays healthy, so they don’t end up at the Vet’s office for mostly preventable issues like matting and foxtail injuries.

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